What We Do



We’re only here to ensure everything works for the maximum satisfaction of all, not for a few selected or privileged individuals. It has come to our full attention how society has done enough of treating with disdain specific groups of people, whose offense was nothing but born into a particular race, nation, and a specific gender.



We eagerly look forward to a clean society where an individual and his rich man neighbor are best friends and are given the same considerations without any classifications. Before leading you to areas where we’ll be marking as our focal points.

Creating Awareness

Our dissatisfaction and pure tiredness catalyze this crusade- we are cut to the soul- how lopsided and biased modern systems operate. This operating system has become commonplace in this 21st century, and we stand unequivocally today to say a resounding ‘No’ to them. Our objection doesn’t mean we are out to destroy the system; it’s, in fact, the opposite

Together work for the people

Happy People

how we define our movement

Njalimonyreform movement is an unstoppable, vibrant and energetic cause fuelled with the passionate and an undying decision not to reject, eliminate functional systems, beliefs or structures in place, but to revamp, revitalize and remold them to become profitable for all.” 

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