New Jersey’s child support laws are failing & harmful

A new study by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has found that New Jersey’s child support laws are not only hurting children but also causing financial hardship for parents. The NCPA study found that in 2011, more than $1 billion was collected from non-custodial parents in New Jersey alone. It also found that as a result of these high collections, many non-custodial fathers have been driven into poverty or even homelessness. The report found that New Jersey is one of only two states where it is possible for a parent to owe more money in back payments than they actually earn in an entire year. These findings emphasize how important it is for people who live or work here to help make changes happen and improve our state’s laws.

We should be supportive of any efforts made by local legislators who want to change these outdated child support rules. It’s time we start taking care of children and their families instead of trying to punish them with outrageous fines that can never be paid off!

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