2 Groups Seek To Change New Jersey Alimony Law

Please READ and COMMENT on the article. Two competing groups have launched proposals to overhaul the New Jersey state alimony law.

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  1. I am a second wife and have been married for 9 years. My husband has been paying alimony to his ex-wife for 11 years, almost as long as the duration of his first marriage. Due to the large amount of alimony his ex-wife receives, she only has to work part-time. I, in contrast, have to work full time to pay the household bills since a large portion of my husband’s paycheck goes to his ex-wife. The current NJ law says that because my husband was previously married, even though it didn’t work out, he has to take care of his ex-wife for the rest of his life. That is unfair and wrong.

  2. Here is the bottom line. What is in it for the Matrimonial Attorneys…fees..fees.. and more fees that we all have to pay when requesting a change. It all costs money to go back to court and who benefits from that? These attorneys are in it for all the wrong reasons. I fully support 3909. As a lifetime alimony payer I cant retire. When will the madness end for us?

  3. bob.santangelo@broadridge.com

    What is the next step? Is there any discussion as to which bill will be acted on? The one proposed by the Matrimonial lawyer group is ridiculous and changes nothing.

  4. The only reason the Matrimonial Lawyers presented a proposal, was to make it look good…like they are trying to change the current alimony laws in New Jersey. Their bill does nothing but keep everything as is. Bill A3909 is the bill that has to pass with its guidelines based on the length of the marriage. The Lawyers have no argument.

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